Certification Find a Treatment Program

The California Sex Offender Management Board has developed the below-listed standards and procedures in accordance with California Penal Code Section 9003 (a), which states that all those professionals who provide sex offender management programs and risk assessments, pursuant to Penal Code Section 290.09, shall be certified by the board according to these standards.

The following documents provide details on the standards and procedures which must be followed for the certification of sex offender treatment programs and providers.

Certification Requirements

Note that sex offender treatment Programs and treatment Providers are required to apply for recertification every two years.

Part A: Program Certification Requirements

Part B: Provider Certification Requirements

Certification Application Forms

Part A: Program Certification or Recertification Application Forms

Part B: Provider Certification or Recertification Application Forms

The current processing time for complete applications is approximately 30 days.
Please note the 30 day processing time is for applications that are received completed. Applications with missing information or elements do not begin the 30 day processing time until all outstanding information is received.

Standards for Polygraph Examiners providing Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) in California

The Penal Code requires CASOMB to establish standards for Polygraph Examiners but does not direct the Board to certify Polygraph Examiners. CASOMB has adopted the standards developed by the American Polygraph Association as the standards to be followed by Polygraph Examiners who provide Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) in California under Penal Code Section 290.09.

Additional materials related to the use of PCSOT Polygraph – Legal and Practical Considerations

Model Informed Consent Forms for Sex Offender Polygraph Examinations

Use of the following model informed consent forms is encouraged, but certified programs are free to modify or devise their own informed consent release forms.

Criminal Offender Record Information